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A single storey home is a place which has only one floor at the ground level. It can be used for different activities like for a living, working, storing items or for a gym.

There is only one level of a ceiling with heights varying between 2.8 and 3.3 meters.

The single storey house always does not have the first upper storey and the first lower basement attached. They are on their land. They are many in little populated areas compared to multi-storey pottier homes. They are many in small developed countries. In most cases they have garages attached which are easily accessed when coming to park a vehicle. In recent times, such houses or homes do not have garages attached.

They have different shapes depending on the owner or occupant’s interest. They have roofs made either of iron sheets, tiles or asbestos which are not in use because of the side effect it has. The walls can be made from baked bricks, timbers or cement blocks depending on the availability of resources. The level of the floor can be between 3 and 15 inches from the ground level. The plan of the single storey house and the 2 or 3 storey houses are the same. The single storey buildings are the easiest to access from the ground. Each building is supposed to have its septic tank for the purpose of health. Both sides of the house can have a balcony.

Environmentally, most countries follow the U K building regulations though the regulations are not very stringent compared to others like Scandinavian countries which use timbers only to build a home that lasts two or three centuries.

For safety, single storey homes cannot collapse badly in case of an earthquake, better still, a single house made from timber.

Single storey pottier homes can have more than five families, in such a circumstance they are numbered or lettered accordingly. They may not be at the same levels. Compared to two or even three storey homes, a single ground-level home does not have a stronger supporting pillar, and the entire plan is different.

When one compares a single ground level homes with a two storey homes, there are differences in cost of repair or maintenance. In a two storey building, climbing staircases can be dangerous for old parents and pets, and it is preferable for the senior citizens and pets to live in the single homes.

Different countries have different ways to describe the single-storey homes. While the English take the upper floor of the house the floor that has the chief apartment on the ground floor, an Italian will say the main floor is above the ground floor.

When you compare the way a single house is insulated against heat or energy losses to a two or three or multi-storey buildings, the unique house is far better.When you come to the shapes of the roofs, though they depend on the individual choice, you find that there are more modern styles of roofing and each goes with its cost, the more modern, the higher is the cost because of the complexity. Then when you come to choosing the colour of the single home, a brighter color gives a better attraction.